back, but different

So I’ve decided to change a few things on my little blog. I mean I doubt whether anyone noticed I left but whatever this is worth a shot. From now on I’m merely writing about shit I think, my opinions on life, sex and friendship, on fashion and makeup, but mostly on being a single girl inching towards her mid twenties and hoping for the best. In short I need to vent and all my friends are either getting married or buying houses and that’s just not conducive with where I’m at. I need a place to express my fears without worry of annoying someone, I need an audience that can’t look at me as though I’m overly pessimistic and sarcastic.

So you guys can roll your eyes and ignore me but I won’t ever know. That’s the beauty of this, I can be the biggest bitch, the most annoying fucking person in the world and I won’t know I’m actually pissing anyone off.


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