men to avoid


I don’t know about other ladies out there but I’ve spent most of my life since puberty hit researching, without meaning it, types of men to avoid. Now I’m not saying that we should cut these men out of society altogether. However in order to lead a more simple and drama free life these are the men try to avoid.

The guy who wears sports apparel no matter the day.
Ok so I actually follow AFL pretty closely and sometimes crazily, however I only wear my colours when I’m attending a game. I feel these men are worth avoiding simply because they obviously have no sense of class or style. What’s to stop them from wearing that sports beanie on a date? Or when he meets your parents? I’m sorry but if you can’t put on a regular t-shirt and jumper then you’re not worth my time. I didn’t come out looking like a 10 year old child and neither should you.

The guy with the man bun.
At what point did the man bun become ok? At what point was it acceptable for a man to tie his hair up in a top knot and shave the underside? Am I the only one being driven crazy by this trend?! There is nothing more disgusting than seeing a man with a greasy ass top knot walking up to you with a sly smile and the intent to hit on you. Word of warning I would rather date my glass of wine or my vibrator over you.

The guy who talks about his job all the f***ing time.
This man, who usually does have a good job, is not worth your time. He’s the man who would rather go out for drinks after work for the fifth day in a row than come over and watch Netflix with you while you’re feeling sick. His excuse usually boils down to one main thing, “I’m networking”. Well you can network your way out of my life. Don’t get me wrong I like men who work a job they love, however I also love my job and I would like to speak about it once a while without you topping my story or putting down what I do. Usually this type of man thinks of himself as the intellectually superior of the two of you.

The guy who always wears a hat.
Now I’m not saying don’t wear a beanie in the snow, I’m not a bitch. However if you begin dating a man who wears a beanie inside, or worse a baseball cap inside then dump him immediately. There is nothing that shows bad manners and poor class more than wearing a hat inside. I’m sorry but when did common manners and social standards fly out the window? When did it become ok for men to wear hats inside, or worse at the dinner table? If he doesn’t understand basic manners and common decorum then no.

The guy with the perfect body.
Odds are this man spends more time on himself then he does on caring about whether or not you’re enjoying the date. Don’t get me wrong, a man can be in shape, in fact its preferable that he take care of himself. However you want a man to spend as much, if not more time taking care of you, his family, his friends or his pet goldfish. Plus its likely this guys entire personality is solely based on how he looks.

The guy with posters on his wall.
By rule of thumb it’s important to note that an unacceptable poster is one unframed and stuck on the wall with blue tack. The reason he should be avoided… stunted adolescence. I don’t think of myself as an overly cultured person, but seriously dude buy some f****ing art for f**k sake. If a man is still rocking the band posters then he’s probably not ready for a real woman.

The guy with the tiny dog.
I love dogs. I own a giant labrador so it’s safe to say I know how to deal with big dogs. This is the simplest explanation I will ever give so concentrate – “if he can’t handle a real dog, then he can’t handle a real woman” Carrie Bradshaw. A man with a tiny dog is either insecure with a large dog, doesn’t have the balls to train a large dog, or is lazy.

EXCEPTION – Don’t listen to a f****ing thing I say. When a man is all these things and still treats you like a Queen, whom you love and loves you back, then who cares, what do I know? I’m the one sitting at home on my computer writing about men to avoid, while you’re the one on a date with a guy staring into your eyes lovingly.


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