the disgusting things women do.


Look we all know the perception men have of women – we don’t fart, shit, piss, have our periods, swear, or leaving dirty dishes out for two weeks. Is anyone else sick of this perception? I mean I don’t know about the rest of you flawless beauties but I’m a pretty disgusting person. I have bad habits, and gross habits that would scare away any decent man (no wonder I’m still single, right?). 

Some disgusting things I like to think we all do (come on girls don’t leave me alone out here in the world of gross)

  • Not doing your laundry for two weeks.
  • Leaving your tampon in as long as humanly possible without dying.
  • Wiping your nose on your shirt, sleeve, hand, arm, really any surface other than a tissue.
  • Blowing your nose in the shower.
  • Peeing in the shower.
  • Watching porn…alone.
  • Not changing your underwear.
  • Sleeping in the pants you wore all day.
  • Farting as soon as you get in your car.
  • Undoing your pants as soon as you get in your car; undoing them at the dining table.
  • Burping at any time of day without warning usually.
  • Not showering for a few days because you have no intention of leaving the house.
  • Not taking off your makeup after a night out.
  • Not cleaning your vibrator enough.
  • Not brushing your teeth when you get home from a night out.
  • Forgetting to change your pad/tampon over night.
  • Ignoring the stain in your sheets because your single and let’s face it no one else is sharing this bed anytime soon.
  • Not changing your socks after the gym.
  • Eating an entire bag of Doritos just because.
  • Drinking an entire bottle of wine, just because.
  • Not shaving your legs for a month during winter.
  • Not shaving your armpits for a few days.
  • Forgetting to pluck your chin hair.
  • Not shaving your downstairs for about three months because you’re single and let’s face it you’re the only looking down there.
  • Realising you forgot to put hair removal cream on your upper lip and you’re now rocking the Tom Selleck look, so instead you quickly shave it with a leg razor.

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