an open letter to all men.

I just had to get this out as fast as possible. I mean so fast that I haven’t even changed out of my gym gear, I’m a sweaty confused mess. On my way home I decided on feeding my car as she was getting hungry. So there I was minding my own business looking about at nothing in particular when a guy walked from his car, stared at me for a moment and continued on inside. I didn’t think anything of it so I continued to fill up my car. It wasn’t until he walked back to his car and didn’t drive away immediately that I knew something was wrong. I walked on past and on cue I heard a faint whistle. As I am mature and lady-like I continued on ignoring him. But again a wolf whistle floated through the air as I continued on to the servo. I ignored him again and walked on through the servo to pay, and as if he couldn’t get any creepier he drove past the window looking in at me and winked. Winked! Can you believe it? As if my ignoring the wolf whistle wasn’t enough of a hint. He actually winked at me.


So to all men I ask; why the cat calls? Why the wolf whistles? Why must you yell at us? I mean do these men actually think a girl is going to turn around and say “Oh my prince you know just what to say, take me I am yours!” NO. I don’t know about the rest of you ladies but I despise cat calling. At what stage in their lives did men learn this move? And what’s worse is the cat call from a moving car. This is the worst simply because it serves no purpose to anyones life. How in the hell is a girl supposed to respond to the moving car cat call? Do men expect us to flash our tits?
I send out a plea to men, please stop the whistling and cat calls. There’s nothing creepier, nothing weirder, nothing more heinous than the cat call. I think I speak for all women when I say it needs to stop. It’s not flattering and it makes me uncomfortable. The fact this man cat called me while I was wearing work out tights did not make me feel sexy, it made me feel naked. As if I didn’t look naked enough wearing them, now I felt naked.


Please if you are a gentleman among creeps inform your creepy friends that this move does not work. Please teach them the ways of flirting in appropriate settings. Or at least make them watch a chick flick like About Time to show them a working example of what it means to flirt.


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