deal breakers.

There are few things that can deter me from a man. I usually like to think that I’m a pretty open minded woman. I mean if the guys not a serial killer than its safe to say I’ll give him a chance. However there are those small things that seem to drive you mental without any reason as to why. You know those little habits or personality traits that just get on your tits? Yeah I know you do because every woman, strike that, every human has things that will drive them insane. Sometimes you don’t even know these things will annoy you until they do… and then it’s like the glass shattered, because you know the minute it begins to annoy you is the end.


If he doesn’t go down on you then kick him the f**k out. How rude is it when a guy refuses to go down on you? Or worse makes it obvious how much he hates it? Yeah me too. There’s nothing ruder or more selfish than a guy who doesn’t return the favour. If he doesn’t go down, then you don’t go down.


When they smoke. Look each to their own, but if your own habit could kill me then go away. As soon as a guy I find cute pulls out a pack of cigarettes then thats it, I’m done.

If a guy has no sense of humour, or can’t sense sarcasm. Most of what I say is sarcastic or a joke or just idiotic. So if I begin dating a guy who can’t sense this then well, it’s just awkward. Most of the conversation is so unbearably boring that you begin drinking. I’d rather be with an intellectually funny man, than one with an amazing body.


Loud chewers. Enough said really. Just close your mouth and chew with some f***ing decorum. This eats away at my soul.

If a guy has sexist undertones. This could relate to not going down on you. If a guy makes too many ‘kitchen jokes’ or just basically looks down on you and women, then he needs a slap in the face. In this day and age there’s no room for this behaviour. If a man still thinks its ok to undermine women or make them out to be weak, fragile things then he’s really not worth anyones time.


If he’s rude to waiters. A man who is rude to waiters is rude in life. Just get the f**k out of that restaurant and never look back. Nothing screams poor manners more than being rude to customer service staff.

Loud breathers. If you couldn’t tell, I hate loud bodily habits. Loud breathers are the worst, simply because it grates on my brain and tears at my soul. I can’t describe how much loud breathing irks me.


Greasy hair. Enough said really.

Same goes for bad breath, yellow teeth, dirty moustache, bad body odour. Really anything that makes you question their personal hygiene.

When he’s too close to his mum. I mean creepy AF, and intimidating beyond belief. You know the men I’m talking about, the ones who call their mum everyday and speak about how amazing she is. Similarly his mother will scare the crap out of you and make you feel completely unworthy of her son. Well news flash you’re too good for him.

A man who is too into his pet. Specifically cats. I actually own a cat and I am a little bit of a cat lady. HOWEVER (calm down guys alright) I would never compromise a relationship by being creepy with the cat. A man who is way too obsessive or weird with his cat or is the guy that uses his pet as a means for gaining attention has no personality aside from desperate.


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