is he worth it?


While speaking to a fellow single girlfriend of mine it dawned on me that sometimes women will try to make any form of a relationship into something it isn’t. Like me, and all of us, she is on Tinder, and as of recently has been seeing a guy from the dreaded Tinder account. It’s refreshing in my couple filled life to speak with a friend who is navigating the terrible world of singledom alongside me.
So as we spoke of the new guy in her life it came to air that he hates going down on her. Well my first thought was “f**k him, f**k that, kick him out of your bed and life.” Now some women may not enjoy getting head (seriously though it’s the best f***ing thing in the world let’s be honest), however I feel not going down on a woman is just a lack of respect for women in general. Foreplay is essential, whether it’s kissing for an extended period of time, heavy petting or the more popular reciprocating head. If he’s not interested in foreplay than does he really care about your feelings? Does he really care or put your pleasure before his?
Any man who doesn’t take the time to make sure you’re good and ready is just an ignorant asshole. Look for all men out there I get it, it’s disgusting down there, trust me I know, I mean I do own it. However sucking on a dick isn’t exactly a trip down lollypop lane. If men are going to complain about going down on you then politely explain to them that if they wish to get head they have to give it. Or offer them a compromise, simply ask them to taste it. I mean has a man ever tasted what he’s shooting into your mouth? Probably not. Test him, test the limits of how far a man will go to get a blow job. Because to be honest I think you’ll be surprised how far he will go for a simple blow job.

So my question became, is he worth it? Truthfully I would stop seeing a man if he refused to go down on me. I’m not ashamed to say that it’s a massive issue. If the dating is great, if he makes you laugh and smile but the sex is somewhat lacking, is the relationship worth it? As a woman I think no. Sex is such an important thing in an adult relationship. The myth that sex fades or that you can work on it needs to end now. Sexual chemistry is your body’s way of telling you “F**k yeah we can totally mate with this person!” If the sex isn’t there is the relationship going be totally fulfilling? For me no. I love sex, if you couldn’t tell. So much so that despite the fact my casual sex partner is lazy AF when it comes to texting me, I’ll still text him randomly after a few weeks of no contact because I feel in some dire need of the D. However there’s a difference between trying to make a f**k buddy a boyfriend, and a potential boyfriend a sexually viable candidate. For the single girl out there the battle between high expectations of sex and wanting a boyfriend is mental torture. Some women do want a partner so badly they’ll compromise the sex. Is it worth it in the long run? For many women the mental stimulation can over shadow the sex. Some women feel they can take care of themselves enough to still be with a man who is somewhat lacking in the art of pleasuring a woman. However is it worth it in the long run?


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