the plight of being a hairy girl.


As people compliment me or wish they had my hair growing talents or full eyebrows, I look at them and think “you have no f***ing idea how much maintenance all this is.” Growing up I was always the first child to get dark leg hair, the first to get one of those ‘cute’ female moustaches, the first to get random facial hairs and the first, as far as I know, to get armpit hair and pubes.
Being a dark haired woman has both it’s good and bad moments. The good being men seem to have an assumption or fantasy about what dark haired women are like. The bad being hair, every where, all the time. I would say most of my time is spent in personal grooming, not because I’m vain but because it’s imperative. If I miss a day of shaving my legs or anything else then I’m done, it’s over. I’ll be cursed into pants until I shave again.

As an adult I’ve come to terms with the fact that there will be things in life I just can’t do, such as; forgetting to pluck your nipple hair is not an option, spontaneous sex, random beach trips, saving money on hair removal products, wearing shorts if I haven’t shaved, wearing a dress if I haven’t shaved, seriously the list could go on. When it comes to being a hairy girl the simplest things become difficult. Basically your life becomes one big compromise. A choice between shaving your legs and staying in; between shaving your bikini area over not having sex; between shaving your pits and wearing a t-shirt.

For my fellow hairy sisters, may I say I applaud you. There probably isn’t a hair removal product out there you haven’t tried and have fail. Honestly how can body hair be so indestructible? Hair removal creams, home waxing, wash off shower hair removal cream…. none of it works. The problem isn’t the amount, but the strength of it. For some reason us dark haired ladies have found ourselves still trapped in the ice age. Obviously our body hair didn’t get the memo that global warming is now an issue and we no longer need this pelt of fur protecting us from the elements.

So for the hairy girls out there, just know you’re not alone. Trust me I know the pain.


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