the disgusting things women do, part two.


So as more and more of my friends begin reading my pathetic little blog, they have begun suggesting new and wonderful disgusting things us women do. So here you go, more and more disgusting things women do because let’s face it, at the end of the day women are probably as, if not more, disgusting than men.

  • Having a morning coffee, not to wake up but to encourage a bowel movement.
  • Hiding tampons in almost every jacket pocket.
  • Undressing on the toilet before getting in the shower.
  • Likewise not washing your hands after the toilet because you’re getting in the shower anyway.
  • Realising you haven’t showered for a day and you still go out anyway without showering.
  • Not washing your bras nearly enough.
  • Not changing your sheets for an embarrassingly long time; I mean so long you have that collection of hair growing under your pillow.
  • Getting makeup on your pillow and not washing it for weeks, cus who cares.
  • Sneak farting when you go to the toilet while you’re out; or likewise at a new boyfriends/dating partners house.
  • Reassuring friends that you’re not having a poo in the cubicle next to them, you’re actually just letting out that fart you’ve been holding in all through dinner.
  • Sniffing your clothes to make sure you can still wear them, and if not then you’re f**ked because you haven’t done your laundry for two weeks.
  • Drinking wine out of the bottle because you’re an adult and classy as f**k.
  • Burping in your throat.
  • Blowing your nose in a scarf because you ran out of tissues.
  • Eating grated cheese out of the packet.
  • Spooning peanut butter straight into your mouth.
  • Eating a whole carton of ice cream, just because.
  • Learning to muffle a fart sound but not the smell.
  • Burping in a friends face and blowing the smell to them.
  • Going into the bathroom/cubicle with a friend and having a face to face conversation while they have a piss. Seriously girls no shame.
  • Taking a wine to the toilet.

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