the single girls survival kit.

Well specifically films, tv shows, books, and albums. As I have been single for quite some time now (I don’t count 7 month relationships as being in a relationship), I have needed to create a kit for surviving the life of singledom. In my short time as being deemed an ‘adult’ I have realised that I have never been in a serious relationship, or one that’s passed the 7 month itch. So like all women who find themselves alone on a Saturday night or reaching for the wine glass yet again to hold off boredom, I have needed to create my own fun (there’s only so many times a girl can break out the old vibrator). My list of films, tv shows, albums and books would be far too long to actually go into detail, so I’ll choose a few go-to’s that never fail.

Sex and The City (obviously)


What one of us hasn’t binged watched the all time classic chick flick of a tv show that is Sex and The City. This is probably the one show that I could watch over and over again and always get something different from it. As a sometimes crazy, blunt talking single woman myself I am very comforted by the fact that these women don’t censor themselves. I mean what one of us hasn’t played the ‘Sex and The City game’ with our girlfriends. Please I’m totally a Carrie it’s embarrassing.

Will and Grace 


If only for Karen’s classic one-liners, this show has it all. The characters are so flawed I love them. If you can’t connect with at least one of them at one time then I just can’t help you and I don’t know why you’re reading my blog to be honest. Watching this on a boring Saturday night can save even the most hopeless single lady (trust me I’ve been there, I mean I’m there right now).



For obvious reasons every woman should see this, regardless of relationship status. This was probably one of the first all female films to actually show a truthful friendship between childhood friends. You know those friends you’ve had in your life forever? And then they leave you to actually move on with their life? Yeah it’s hard but it’s nice to know it’s normal to feel jealous or insane, I mean Kristin Wiig is basically my spirit animal.

Bridget Jones Diary


Always relevant and just such a f**king classic. This was probably the first ‘adult style’ intelligent chick flick I had ever seen as a teenager and I fell in love with Bridget. However the whole time I still sit there thinking “How the f**k is she overweight?” Aside from that it’s amazing, Mr Darcy melts my heart.

Taylor Swift (any album)


The girl can audience dance like nobody’s business, so if that doesn’t make you love her then I don’t know what will. Safe to say many a girl and woman has gone through a breakup and immediately smashed out at least two T-swizzle albums in one night of eating ice-cream and crying. Enough said, the girl understands women.

Lana Del Rey 


Bluesy, sexy, and uninhibited. This beauty has been with me through many a f**k boys and will always be in my soul. I love her and everything about her. She doesn’t give a f**k and I love it. She makes me feel classy as f**k listening to her.

How to be a Parisian. 


Because every woman needs to know how to be mysterious and classy beyond belief. I read this book cover to cover in a day. It speaks about sex, style, dinner parties, children, pretty much everything. Women should be slightly mysterious, stylistically chic and minimalist, as well as be able to down a f**king wine (both white and red).

Textbook Romance (by my queen Zoe Foster-Blake)


I mean the title says it all really. If you want something funny, sarcastic and slightly helpful than definitely get this beauty. Every girl needs some help in the art of flirting and reminding herself not to jump in too fast with a guy. Plus Zoe just makes you feel better for still being single and feeling like an absolute f**king freak. Her first chapter really sums up a single girl’s need to just be happy with herself before she actually attempts to find a potential mate worthy of her time.

To be honest though these few suggestions are few among the many in my survival kit. I didn’t even get to mention; Parks and Recreation, Friends, How I met Your Mother, any Baz Luhrmann film (specifically Moulin Rouge, Gatsby and Strictly Ballroom), Girls, Gossip Girl, Pretty in Pink, About Time, Charmed, Titanic (DUH!), Steel Magnolias, Florence + The Machine, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cindy Lauper… Yeah I’ll stop but you get the idea. Every woman needs those few things in her life that make up her free time. I mean lets face it, TV is an actual hobby now, and we’ve been in a long term relationship for quite some time now.


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