the perfect saturday.


So after I managed to run my errands, walk the dog and even make a round trip to Ikea I decided on having a bed afternoon. As I got home, quickly reorganised my shoe collection into the tubs I had bought during the Ikea trip (yes I have a problem with shoes), I suddenly had an intense craving for Maccas (McDonalds for my American friends). So naturally I got some, a large Big Mac meal for those of you playing at home. It was the sweetest damn meal I had ever had. After that I decided on a tacky romantic movies marathon in bed for the entire afternoon. My cat joined me for a snooze and I managed to do some stress relief colouring, cus I’ll grasp onto a fad like nobody’s business.
So there I was lying in bed watching some Meryl Streep romantic comedy, while eating popcorn and loving life. As I lay there it dawned on my that this was the perfect afternoon. I didn’t have to be anywhere, do anything, or keep tabs on someone else. I was free to lay there, stuffing my face, without feeling ashamed or embarrassed by the whole scene. Being single, or just being a girl with an afternoon off, if the greatest feeling ever. Some of us may do our nails, wash our hair, reorganise our wardrobes, or just not move for the entire afternoon. It may sound boring to some but for those of us who spent a week running around like a crazy person, it the greatest f**king thing in the world.

So I believe I’ve discovered the perfect recipe for a perfect Saturday afternoon. That’s not to say you can’t repeat the meal for a Sunday arvo (afternoon, for Americans).

  • Tacky romantic movies on order, Netflix is always a champ for supplying the random movies you’ve never heard of but end up loving.
  • Wine, I’m a white kind of girl but won’t say no to red.
  • Popcorn.
  • Binge watchable tv show. At this moment that’s Friends for me.
  • Dips, crackers, assortment of cheeses (because cheese is always needed).
  • A bed.
  • A cat or tired kitten. Perfect spooning buddy that doesn’t complain about the choice of movie or wine.
  • Any film starring the following; Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Sarah-Jessica Parker, Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan. Really any romantic comedy goddess.
  • Trackies (sweatpants).
  • Take that damn bra off girl!
  • Good book.
  • Laptop fully charged.
  • Phone fully charged.
  • To top the night off just add one steaming hot bubble bath.

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