why ikea is the perfect partner.


So as I had the day off yesterday I decided on taking a trip down to Ikea after having lunch with a girlfriend of mine. I do love me a trip to Ikea, but this one was different. Aside from me dating my cat, my tv, my bed and all my girlfriends, I have decided to acknowledge my long term commitment to Ikea. Aside from my love of makeup and clothes, I have an unhealthy love of furniture, this includes nick-naks and other pointless shit. Anyway, there I was walking around Ikea with my friend and it dawned on me that I have some of the best times just looking at furniture and room designs. I don’t know what it is but fantasising about a future home that won’t exist for many years is somehow satisfying. Maybe its because everyone wants to nest somewhere. We all want that place in the world thats our own.

So as I walked through the immense store I realised that Ikea offers you everything you need. It can make a promise and a commitment to you that men just don’t seem to be able to do. This wonderful place never lets you down.

If you’re bored, a trip to Ikea will fix that.
I mean I don’t know about anyone else but clothes shopping just becomes monotonous after a while. Ikea however is always new and exciting. I mean their latest catalogue has just been released and there’s new things! Seriously get down there and soak up the brilliant.

If you’re feeling down Ikea can fill that hole.
If I’m feeling low I get straight onto the Ikea design a room tool and just go off. Not to mention just browsing their catalogue is enough to feel some form of feelings. I’ve begun to wonder whether or not you can actually be emotionally connected to a piece of furniture. I mean I f***king love my bedroom, not just because it’s my sanctuary but because it’s filled with pieces of furniture that I flipping love.

Being single is lonely, but Ikea is always there.
When I’m lonely or down all I need to do is travel on down to Ikea and just soak up the awesome. You know it will always be there for you when you begin feeling down or low. It will be there for you even you’re acting like a bitch cus you’re PMSing and just need some time alone to wander the wondrous halls of Ikea and think.

It’s there when you feel like you need to fake it.
Look when you’re still living at home, single, and studying then it’s safe to say you’re not exactly close to moving out or beginning the rest of your life. I mean I love listening to my friends plan their future with their partners, but for those of us on our own it’s not exactly that simple. By stepping into Ikea I can fantasise about my perfect home without being judged for not having a partner or being close to actually moving out.


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