why i wouldn’t change being a woman for anything.


So as I was hanging out with some friends the topic of politics came up, cus ya know we’re cultural and shit. Anyway I don’t know if you’ve heard but Australia has a new prime minister, so of course we began talking about that. We all decided we should start our own government, and apparently I was nominated as some sort of women’s minister. Everyone immediately asked my mate why and in response I stared at him and said “Because he thinks I’ll go on feminist rants.” Ok so yes, I am pretty passionate about gender equality but I would never classify myself as a feminist. Simply because the word has become tainted, not because I don’t connect with the cause. However as I looked at my friend I knew deep down he was taking a dig at me, making a joke about my passionate stance on women in general, because more often than not I’m usually the one talking about the importance of equity. So I merely held my head high and said ‘yeah I would shut you down if you made any sexist jokes’. Now don’t get me wrong I can take a joke and definitely make jokes like that, I mean if you can’t laugh at it then you’re taking it to heart too much. More often than not you know whether or not someone is being genuinely sexist or just having a laugh.

After this conversation I began to think about whether or not I would change being a woman, and despite the periods and child birth, being a woman is almost a responsibility and right. So no I wouldn’t change it for the world. Being a woman is bad ass. I mean when you think about it a woman’s body has the potential to grow a human brain, the smartest computer in existence. Not to mention at some point in a woman’s life she has the potential to grow a teeny tiny penis, or vagina inside of her. I mean I don’t know about you but the thought of growing a human inside me just astounds me beyond belief. However it’s more than that. There’s something special about being a woman. Your friendships are different, for some reason women seem to have more emotionally intimate relationships with their friends. There’s some kind of innate connection your friends have with you. They know when you’re sad, when you’ve been heart broken, or when you’re just feeling really really shitty.

So yes I am the woman who sees womanhood as a right of passage. I feel men will never truly understand the ridiculous responsibility of being a woman. I mean having a vagina is enough work as it is. There’s rules and hygiene tasks you somehow have to learn without ever being directly told. We’re basically looking after our own little ecosystem and men have the audacity to complain about it when it hasn’t been waxed, when you’re on your period or when you have a yeast infection. I feel there’s a lot lost in translation when it comes to the responsibility of caring for a vagina.
Even though we all have the potential to create human life, we have the choice not to. There’s something comforting about having that potential, so no one understands how devastating it is to have that potential stripped away. Even though we may not all want to produce life, when the prospect is completely extinguished then we feel a complete loss of control. So please never take your uterus for granted, because even though you may not want to use it, there are women out there who do and can’t.


Unlike many young girls out there who run around in mini skirts, getting wasted or just being an embarrassment to our gender, I am incredibly thankful to the women of yesterday. So many young women out there now seem to have no idea how hard our gender had to fight to simply have the right to vote, to have a job equal to a man, or to choose our own sexuality. I don’t know about the rest of you but I feel like shaking these girls silly. Don’t you just feel like yelling at them! They’re wasting this amazing chance they have, a chance women haven’t had for very long. I mean for centuries, millennia, women have been little more than a wife and mother. Aside from a few wonderful women in history, us ladies have had little influence on the world, until now. I find it hard to believe that women could have no ambition or drive to do what they wish, or what they love. Who cares what it is along as you love it.

As I go through a hormonal day I often wish to change into a man. I mean women are so hormonal and driven by these hormones, sometimes it would be easier to be a man. However despite the hormones and the periods and the emotional meltdowns that go with it, somehow being a woman is special. In the end it seems worth it to be that connected to your own body. For some insane reason it’s comforting to know that we are different from men. We are hormonal, emotional, irrational, loving, comforting, nurturing, kick ass bitches, and we’re driven by all these things. We’re driven by our heart more often than not, and yes it gets us into trouble, but isn’t that trouble and heartache worth it in the end? Isn’t all that learning worth it to be a woman?


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