friendship goals.


I don’t know about the rest of you lovelies but my group of friends are pretty much limited to my high school girls, and a few select uni girls. Despite my new adult made friendships I seem to be ever drawn to my high school girls. Those girls in your life that were there for the most awkward phase of your existence. They’ve stuck with you through the good, the bad and the very ugly. As the new term ‘friendship goals’ circulates through the internet and life as we know it, I began to think about what it actually means. I mean we all want to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence or Amy Schumer or Amy Poehler, but in the end are they friendship goals just because they seem awesome? I wouldn’t trade my friends for anything. That group of girls I’ve known for a decade now are the ones I would never give up. There isn’t enough money or power in the world that would be a fair trade for those girls. Because they’re mine, they’re my soul mates. Screw the notion that a soul mate is your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, a soul mate is someone who sticks with you no matter what. They love you despite you’re flaws, and if you look close enough at you’re friends you realise that they do that. They do that and expect nothing in return. There’s those few select girls in your life who seem to be your exact twin, or opposite. You are drawn together and you can say whatever you want to them without fear of being judged. No matter what comes out of your mouth they’ll still love you.

And then there’s those friends who if you lost would be a heartbreak. The thought of losing them scares you more than any thought of losing a boyfriend. Usually these girls are your best friends, they know you better than anyone else and because of that they can hurt you the most. And you’ve probably hurt each other just as equally. When they get a boyfriend or begin moving on with their life, while you’re stagnated, you fear you will lose them forever. For a time you may lose them, you may have voiced your fears and hates. For a time you hate them, hate their boyfriend. You grow jealous of their partner, jealous of what they have and angry that you’re becoming forgotten. The fear that you have become a relic from their past scares you and hurts you more than you thought possible. You lose touch for a brief moment and you fear this heartache will never cease. Because you realise your friendships are more important to you than you realised. Despite the fact you were jealous, you were stuck in the past and angry, you realise you hurt her as well. Somehow you find your way back to one another. Only now you’re not jealous, you’re happy for her, you hug her tightly and say sorry for a being nostalgic bitch. You hold onto her so hard you think you’ll break her but you don’t care, because the thought of losing her again scares you so hard you lose your breath. You begin to trust that her boyfriend will take care of her, you trust that you won’t become irrelevant, because if you can come back from that then you can last through all the weddings, children and life experiences.

A friendship goal is merely one that lasts. Those girls in your life who you can not see for a month and then when you finally reunite, it seems as though not even a day has passed. Even if you’re annoyed at them, when they’re hurting you hurt too. You rush to their side because you know they’ll do the same for you. When they’re heartbroken, so are you. When they cry, so do you. Because they’re your sisters through the perilous journey of growing up.


You’re life becomes brighter because these girls are in it. You fear no one else will love you as fiercely and wonderfully as they do. And although the thought is scary you know that they are there. They are your soul mates. They are the loves of your life. Nothing is off limits and you don’t pretend around them. You act like children, you laugh until you cry and you know you will never be more at peace or accepted than you are with them. Because they see you, and despite the fact you think them flawless, they think that about you. Despite your flaws and their’s you all see each other as these precious little angels who offer you guidance and love through it all. They’re your favourite people in the whole damn world and you wouldn’t trade that even for a day. You wouldn’t trade that for even one date with Ryan Reynolds. Because nothing is worth losing one precious moment with those girls.

for my girls, you know who you are. 


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