never apologising for being a drunken fool.


After a weekend of absolute drunken embarrassment on my behalf, I woke up the next morning and thought “Nope, I’m not gonna apologise for that. There was something in me that needed to be released and I let it happen, so f**k it.” In one night I managed to down an inexcusable amount of pre-drinks and at club drinks, one of which was tequila. In hindsight the tequila was probably my downfall. Only one shot and apparently I’m anybody’s. Apparently one shot and I’m the girl running around trying to kiss the cute guy, who in the end most definitely did not want to kiss me. Well to be honest I couldn’t blame him, in one night I became the embarrassing drunken fool of a girl. However this time I wasn’t embarrassed the next day or sending out a gazillion sorry texts to my friends. This time I woke up and realised that, what better time than your 20’s is there to get drunk and act a fool? As a teenager its expected, however it’s usually harder because you can’t go to bars or buy drinks, in fact you’re usually attending parties with the same exact people. I mean there’s no animosity in high school parties, so if you act like a total freak or lunatic then everyone in school will hear about it by Monday. However as an adult you have the freedom to go out, play up and never see any of those people you spilt your drink on ever again.

A year ago I would have sent out the sorry text to friends for putting up with me. However now I’ve started to think that I can do what I want and act like this way without apologising. In fact Saturday night was a new level of desperate single girl behaviour and I didn’t care one bit. Look in day to day life I’m usually a put together woman who has her shit together and doesn’t run around after every single man trying to get a kiss. So drunk me becomes that girl. Because deep down being drunk is usually a good enough excuse to act like an idiot. In fact something you’re doing while drunk is more often than not something you need or wanted to do so why apologise for it? More importantly why do women feel the need to apologise for the things they do when drunk? Sure some girls do honestly make a genuine fool of themselves, but does that mean once in a while us put together ladies can’t let off steam? Because every now and then a woman needs to act a fool.

My night out…

  • Pre-drinks alone while I got ready, vodka naturally.
  • Drinks with friends before the taxi.
  • Travellers in the taxi.
  • A drink in the club, followed immediately by a tequila shot.
  • Chat with friends.
  • Get another drink.
  • Meet friends of friends.
  • Get another drink.
  • Chat with new people. Flirt shamelessly with one guy who ignores me at every cost.
  • Try and kiss him more than once.
  • Be refused both times.
  • Get another drink to numb embarrassment.
  • Kiss first guys brother instead.
  • Make out with the brother for a while.
  • Stumble out of the club.
  • Take off shoes walking to the taxi.
  • Demand McDonalds.
  • Eat it in bed when home.
  • Be hungover the entire next day.
  • Regret nothing.

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