what cat people do.

Speaking as a cat owner and lover, as well as a dog lover (seriously guys calm the f***k down I love dogs too), I can say us cat people do some pretty weird and questionable things. I mean who doesn’t love their furry friend so much they almost want to squeeze them to the death they’re so cute?

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 10.13.19 pm

  • Spend more money on the cat than you do on friends and family, or yourself.
  • Spoon the cat.
  • Miss your feline companion when you go away for a weekend.
  • Speak to the cat about life problems and assume they can absolutely understand what you’re saying.
  • Take endless amounts of pictures on your phone.
  • Refuse to make space on your phone by deleting these photos.
  • Letting the cat have the majority of your double bed.
  • Cooing about your cat with other cat owners.
  • Spoil them like a child.
  • Speak about them like they’re your child.
  • Use them as an excuse to not go out.
  • Miss them when they run away for a night and you have to go to bed alone.
  • Have conversations with them when they meow at you.
  • Let them sleep on your bed in the morning.
  • Wake up when they need feeding in the morning like a mother to a baby.
  • Clean their kitty litter without getting annoyed that you’re basically emptying their toilet.
  • Look after them and love unconditionally without question knowing they will give nothing in return.
  • Not get annoyed at them when they pretty much refuse you.
  • Put up with them jumping on the bench.
  • Making up rules but never actually following through on them.
  • Constantly picking them up and trying to force your love on them.
  • Forcing them to spend time with you by keeping the bedroom door shut so they’re absolutely forced to cuddle with you.
  • Forcing them into selfies.

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