men to avoid, part 2.


I thought I might impart some good intentioned ill fated wisdom onto the young ladies of the world yet again when it comes to men to avoid. These men are men you should absolutely avoid at all costs, in fact many should no longer exist in society. I’m talking about those men your friends meet and absolutely hate. The guys they want to tell you to leave but can’t. These are the men you shouldn’t date but when you do you realise at least you learnt something new about love and life.

The lying player. 

anigif_enhanced-21782-1442939504-2I hope by now women know not to date this man but if you’re anything like me then you probably have within the last year. This guy is the one who knows the game and plays it well. Now don’t get me wrong play the field as much as you can when you’re single but do it with some goddamn dignity and respect. A lying player pretends that you’re the only girl he’s hooking up with. He’s usually telling you he hasn’t slept with anyone in a while and doesn’t like hooking up with multiple girls at once. F**KING LIAR. A man who sleeps with you quickly, says he isn’t sleeping around and (this is the important part) sends you dirty texts is not husband material and definitely not worth you’re time. Because you deserve to be treated like a queen, not another notch on the liars bed.

The man who says all the right things. 

anigif_enhanced-29428-1423230700-10Also can be referred to as the lying player, but he’s a little suaver. This man usually is sleeping around and lying about it, but he doesn’t get caught often. BUT when he does he deletes every girl out of his life to start again. Men like this have played the game for years and do it well, they keep you at just enough of an arms length that you’re left on the hook. He’s usually more dangerous than a player because he is so f**king charming.

The man who is amazing in bed. 

anigif_enhanced-buzz-3175-1378825874-11I’m not talking about a boyfriend, I’m not talking about the man you’ve been friends with for years and finally sleep together and it’s amazing, I’m talking about the man you sleep with on the first date and it’s f**king mind blowing. There’s a reason he knows exactly what to do. There’s a reason he gives amazing head. There’s a reason he has no inhibitions, it’s not because he’s connected to you it’s because he’s connected to and with a lot of women before you. If he’s too good be wary. He’ll make you cray cray because how many men can make you cum that hard on the first time?

The man who doesn’t like your friends or family. 

anigif_enhanced-4644-1442921330-6There is no excuse for a man not trying with your friends and family. Also can be known as the manipulative asshole. He’ll usually try and separate you from your friends and family, really any support system. Can also be categorised as emotional abuse. There is no way this guy has your best interests at heart, there’s a reason your friends and family don’t like him and there’s a reason he doesn’t like them… It’s because he’s scared they’ll open your eyes enough to what’s happening that you’ll leave. He’s probably one of the worst of the bunch and should be avoided at all costs.

The man who rushes everything. 

anigif_enhanced-buzz-30600-1366649444-2You know those amazing guys who want to see you all the time and talk to you all the time? They’ll rush everything and before you know it you’re beginning to fall for it. Unfortunately he’ll usually leave as quickly as he came. Just because he wants to rush everything doesn’t mean you have to. If you’re uncomfortable or if he’s just rushing so fast into things then get out. Run away cus that is creepy as f**k.

The man who flirts in front of you. 

anigif_enhanced-buzz-17186-1366651227-14This should self explanatory ladies, if a guy doesn’t have the common decency to not flirt in front of you then he’s not worth your time. It’s rude, disrespectful and hurtful. If you can stop flirting with guys then he can stop flirting with everything on two legs with boobs.


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