the essentials.

So I thought I’d break away from my usual awkward single girl living routine and talk about something all women can relate to – skincare. Over the past year I have been researching like a mad woman the best skincare products for my skin type. For the record I have combination/oily skin that definitely begins oiling itself up when the weather is humid. Looking after your skin can feel like you’re looking after a goddamn baby sometimes. So when it begins crying and screaming at you to change something it can be frustrating as f***k to find something that will calm it down. Once upon a time I once used chemical based skincare, you know the brand, those cheap brands that flashed advertisements in Dolly and Girlfriend magazine. So like every clueless princess I used it and it did f***ing nothing except burn my skin. However as I’ve grown older I’ve realised how important it is to find a skincare routine that works for you and is made from lovely natural products that won’t burn your skin off.


So these are my wonderful essentials that I have settled on after too much money spent on wasted products that never worked. My wonderful products here are – Sukin Micellar Water, Neutrogena Naturals Facial Cleanser, Go-To Skincare Properly Clean, Go-To Skincare Face Hero, Neutrogena Naturals Nourishing Moisturiser, Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub, St Ives Exfoliating Wash and Garnier Gentle Cleansing Milk.
All these beauties are natural based products that don’t make use of harsh chemicals or those nasty little artificial preservatives a lot of cosmetic companies make use of.

Sukin Micellar Water.
I was a skeptic of this stuff when it all of sudden popped up on the market like it fell out of a fairies arse. I mean people were going insane and the only other micellar water I had tried was the Garnier one as this was quite cheap, however cheap isn’t always a plus in the world of cosmetics. Unlike other products on the market Sukin is made from natural ingredients that aren’t harsh on the skin. This stuff is like totally amazing. Seriously though it removes and picks up makeup and shit from my skin that even my face wash doesn’t remove. I like using this after I’ve washed my face or used a makeup wipe. The loveliness of this product comes from the cucumber and chamomile. Unlike other mass produced micellar waters this stuff is filled with lovely soothing ingredients. Seriously though the ingredient list is short and you actually know how to pronounce them and where each ingredient came from. Shocking right!

Neutrogena Naturals Facial Cleanser
Because Go-To is expensive and an online product I needed to find a lovely natural based face wash that I could use as I try in vain to prolong the shelf life of my Go-To shit. After much trying I have to say I have found a wonderful pharmacy and supermarket available brand that works as a bloody wonderful substitute. This wash is so cleansing and instantly clears my skin of oils and dirt, as well as resets it to it’s sometimes healthy glow. I flippin’ love using this product in summer when it starts to get humid as my skin throws a bitch fit when I sweat too much. Some products claim to be natural based and free or harsh chemicals, this stuff actually is which is amazing. It doesn’t lie!

Go-To Skincare Properly Clean
Without a doubt this is the greatest facial cleanser I have ever used. If you’re looking for the bloody holy grail of face wash look no further. This wash is so soothing and smells f***ing amazing thanks to the willow bark. Unlike some self foaming cleansers this is so soft and gentle on your skin. I have never felt cleaner than I do after washing my face with this ripper stuff. For those of you aren’t aware, Go-To is the brainchild of Australian beauty guru and Queen among peasants, Zoe Foster-Blake.

Go-To Skincare Face Hero
For a brief time there I was obsessed with using face oils everyday freakin day. However after growing older and somewhat wiser I have come to realise that for my skin it’s probably not a great thing. I use this lovely pungent face oil when I need a deep cleanse and believe it or not when my skin is oily. My skin becomes oily when it’s overly dehydrated because my skin in all its wisdom creates oil to hydrate it. It’s almost like a defence mechanism, when I’m out in the sun all day and my skin dries out or becomes overly dry the glands begin producing oil to create a barrier and protective hydration layer. So this little beauty helps to hydrate and smooth my skin. I use it when I need to but usually no more than a few times a week.

Neutrogena Naturals Nourishing Moisturiser
Another lovely product from Neutrogena. This light moisturiser has basically replaced all other moisturisers in my life. I wear this everyday and like some kind of sorcery it just seems to never end. After coming home from visiting a friend in lovely humid Queensland my skin had an absolute panic attack, like my skin had never been so oily since I was a teenager. So I needed to find something light and easily absorbed that was filled with natural goodness and like Indiana Jones in the cave a light shone on this product from above beckoning me over. It worked wonders on my skin and I have honestly found my skin soul mate.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub
I love Lush but it can be expensive. So like any sane university student I buy a little at a time or buy myself a little gift when I’m shopping for a pamper pack for a friend. My last purchase was this little goddess. I know you can make lip scrub at home cus lets face it it’s just sugar, however who has the time or the will to do that. Not only does this taste like popcorn (amazing right!) it actually does help exfoliate the dead skin from your lips and make them kissably soft. I use this almost everyday especially when it’s been hot or windy.

St Ives Exfoliating Wash
Please ladies exfoliate! I learnt this the hard way. For years I just didn’t do it, I barely even washed my face (rookie mistake). However I have seen the light and now exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week. Unlike a lot of exfoliants this stuff makes use of natural exfoliants so it doesn’t impact our precious little Earth. There’s no micro-beads! YAY! The fish are practically singing with relief. Please girls if you can, switch to natural exfoliants because micro-beads are not only harsh on the environment but also your skin. St Ives has created a lovely wash that brushes off all the dead skin on your precious face as well as keeping it feeling soft as f**k.

Garnier Gentle Cleansing Milk
When I’m lazy I use this stuff. It’s lovely and light and actually uses natural based ingredients. If you’re sensitive and if you’re skin is sensitive as well then look no further this is designed for someone just like you. It’s lovely and soft on the eyes and removes all makeup from your bright eyes to keep them looking clean and bright. I use this after a night out usually after I’ve used a facial wipe, this stuff just helps cleanse the excess from my skin.


For gods sake stay hydrated!! When you’re hydrated so is your skin, oh and it also glows like you’re a goddamn magical unicorn. Yes I am aware I’m an asshole with Voss water.


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