another chick talkin’ about health.


There definitely comes a moment in everyones life when they look at how they’re living, eating, or just generally looking after themselves and think – shit. Well this year has been one whole episode of shit. I joined a gym to get my fitness in my check, however now I’ve decided to be one of those ‘I Quit Sugar’ freaks who eats healthy and sustainably in a vain effort of saving money and upping my inner health. For starters I should say I eat crap, a lot. In fact if I didn’t exercise then I would probably be the size of a f**king house. So I decided to check out this Sarah Wilson chick and find out why she was so successful and what this whole sugar free thing was about. I was unaware that it wasn’t against fruits or natural sugars, despite her lack of love for high fructose foods. It was equally as refreshing to find out that I can still drink wine (hallelujah). For my journey into the healthy sugar free life I began by first merely purchasing and researching the concept of going sugar free. While I know that sugar can be bad for you in excess, and the nastiest of sugars are the added sugars and the white-stuff (sugar variety, not the life ruining illegal substance), I also know that it is actually needed in some form. The recommended daily amount is minuscule next to what we’re actually consuming. So here I am learning about the health food lifestyle though Sarah Wilson and surprisingly I’m not wanting to shoot myself in the foot. This woman is actually down to Earth and cuts corners wherever possible.

The first step in actually starting a diet or lifestyle change or whatever bullshit name you wanna call it, is making a list of the foods you like the sound of. This step is all about finding your preference. Now I am a horrible cook, so these simple recipes are a perfect place to start. Before we even begin thinking of plunging head first into this change we need to research and plan. I have no intention of actually ploughing ahead with this program until I’m completely organised and ready for this shit. I mean changing your diet and organising a shopping list is like preparing for war. You need to be prepared for this shit. Not only is it organising food but also organising the kitchen crap you’ll need to store all the lovely healthy meals.

NOTE: Post-its and tabbies are your best friend. When perusing these books of wonderfully lovely healthy options tab and post-it everything appealing. By the end of reading, the damn book should be covered and filled with little colourful tabs. If you’re like me then you have so much stationary and don’t actually use any of it, so this is a great chance to make use of your stationary addiction (it’s real, the pain of walking by a stationary store without going in is awful).

Find a book or series of authors and food bloggers that stand out to you or better yet ask a health conscious friend about their favourite authors. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful little bestie who is an osteo and pilates instructor, so naturally she’s into health food. Like I never eat healthier than I do than when I’m staying at her place by the beach and walking everywhere. I am personally loving (obviously cus I mentioned her already), Sarah Wilson. Her straight to the point and easy recipes make the whole going healthy and sugar free thing appealing to even the most cynical. PS. To my doctor friend please don’t yell at me for cutting out sugar.
As I was strolling through Kmart I found a whole range of cook books on special so naturally made a beeline for them. I found Jessica Sepel. I have never heard of her cus I’m an ignorant f**k. However my lovely osteo friend told me she loved her and after reading reviews it seemed she was legit.

So for the next few months expect a lot of talk about my little personal journey towards bettering my health. Possibly most of the posts will be complaints or general whining about my detox. Every time you deprive your body of something your entire mood changes. I don’t know about you guys but when I’m deprived of some physical loving (also known as sex for us adults) I become an absolute bitch.

So here is a little list of the books kickstarting this little epiphany.

i-quit-sugar Simplicous_front_cover__89599.1441603072.386.513 the-healthy-life

If you’re from Aus you should know these babies are on special at Kmart. Find me a broke uni student who doesn’t like Kmart!


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