men that ruined you.

So this isn’t a single girl bashing an ex boyfriend or those stereotypical dudes all women hate, this is about those men you grew up loving. Ya know those men you dream about? Those men who haunt your dreams and ruin every other man for you? I think we all know what I’m talking about. Every girl grows up learning about love from movies, tv shows and books. We fall in love with these fictional characters and let them potentially ruin us. I mean how many times have you dropped a guy because he didn’t live up to some insane standard you’ve created from brain washing? I once stopped liking a guy cus he kept getting that gross white stuff in the corners of his mouth, petty right? BUT its still gross.
These are the men that have potentially ruined my outlook on love and men, as well all my expectations.

Jack Dawson


Or Leo, really any Leo role basically reminds of Jack Dawson. As a young impressionable girl I was enamoured by the mere sight of the baby faced cutie who somehow made a cigarette sexy. This man was the start of my sexual awakening. What young girl wasn’t dying for him to take her in the back seat of a vintage car? Seriously I’m basically ruined.

Prince Phillip2587624cc9d5db7cbc80e1ddf1f92f16I’m fully aware he’s a cartoon character and probably the most forgotten prince of all the Disney princes. However, I love him and he was the first guy I ever had a crush on. Prince Phillip is cute, sweet, playful, funny and can slay a dragon for you. He probably explains my thing for cute red heads.

Chuck Bass


Because he’s Chuck Bass, obviously. My desire to have sex in a limo was single handedly created because of this man. He’s the bad boy who could keep you in blue boxes for the rest of your life.

Han Solo 


For the seven year old nerd this man was the shit. Young Harrison Ford alone is f**king sexy, but as a gun slinging space bad boy he’s unstoppable. Always have and always will be a guest star of my dreams.


anigif_enhanced-12873-1425360621-2Because I’m perpetual nerd who once fantasised about this man almost everyday for a year after I saw Fellowship of The Ring. I don’t particularly like Orlando Bloom as anything other than a light haired pretty boy elf. Go figure.



The original Chuck Bass. For those of you living under a rock, Sebastian is the sex god from Cruel Intentions. I mean he’s not even that hot but damn is he smooth as f**k. Even his step-sister is in love with Sebastian.


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