the forgotten hero.


If you’re anything like me then you probably aren’t the greatest granddaughter. I mean I’m probably not the greatest daughter but that’s a whole other can of worms. For many of you out there, especially ladies, you probably look at your grandmother as some sort of random old lady who’s so out of touch with the times and your life that its laughable. Yes you probably argue about everything. When I say everything, I mean every single thing. She’s probably the woman who tells you off for not speaking like a lady, for not watching your weight, for drinking too much, for acting like a bit of slut, or for not spending enough time with her. It’s amazing that the minute you become a teenager or a woman you lose touch with her. Instead of the woman who spoils you and thinks the sun shines out of your ass, she becomes your biggest critic. She also becomes the woman who you once spent every weekend with, to the woman you make time for every few months.
In many cases you look upon your grandmother as a burden or as someone you’re constantly disappointing. Instead of that innocent excitement you once felt at the thought of seeing her, you now mentally obsess over everything that could potentially disappoint or annoy her. Because at the end of the day, the thought of disappointing her eats you up inside. Because at the end of the day she’s the one who’ll help you no matter what, she’ll drop everything just to help you.

As a granddaughter it’s hard to connect with a grandmother when you’re lives are so distant and different from the other. You’re reality is her nightmare. You spend your weekends having drinks with friends and kissing boys (most of the time), while she dreads the thought of you at a club taking shots and flirting with guys. Even though you find her advice outdated, secretly you know she’s probably right; drinking too much will make you feel like shit, and kissing random guys will give you tonsillitis. Despite the fact you roll your eyes and argue vehemently with her, you know deep down she’s only looking out for you. I mean put yourself in her shoes… Imagine watching your children’s children screw up their lives or poison their bodies. You would sit there and think “Holy shit! These little shits wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for me and they have the balls to argue with me?” Well maybe a grandmother wouldn’t use quite those terms but you get the gist. A grandchild is precious because they exist because of their grandparents. A granddaughter is precious because she is only one among many in a line of powerful female warriors who fought hard for equality and respect.

A grandmother may seem simple compared to the women of today. She may seem like any other housewife or mother. For a young woman of today a grandmother’s way of life may seem too simple and boring. Except it’s not. Raising children, running a household, ensuring their children don’t wind up drug addicts or sex maniacs seems like a hella hard job. Instead of being praised with a great wage and fancy office, she’s often overlooked. And yet she never lost hope or drive to be the best mother and grandmother she could possibly be. She becomes the forgotten hero of society. The forgotten warrior in the family. No wonder she strives for acceptance from her grandchildren. These youngsters are her last hope and last known mark upon the world. If they screw up or if they don’t seem to love her enough then what’s left? Nothing. A grandchild is the mark a grandmother leaves upon the world, can you blame her for wanting you to be the best version of yourself? Can you blame her for not wanting you to make the same mistakes she did? Can you blame her for wishing only the best for you? And while her methods may not always work, they are always appreciated, even if it’s not shown or said.


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