men who ruined you, part 2.

Previously I spoke about the men who ruined you since childhood. Those guys you crushed on in preadolescence before those raging hormones infested your body during puberty. The men I’m about to describe are the men who ruined you from teenagehood all the way to your mid-twenties. These men show your developing taste. In the journey of becoming an adult and entering the adult dating world these men are the ones you’ll fantasise about when you’re in bed with an untalented dude. They’re the men you’ll think about when you’re alone in bed. You’ll think about them when you’re judging a guy on a date. Most likely these men have destroyed your basic concept of what you actually want in a man.

Harry Styles. 


Judge all you want but don’t sit there and tell me you don’t find Harry Styles sexy as f**k. I mean look at that cute smirk and wonderful stare. How could you not get pregnant just looking at it!? Styles is the perfect example of your secret desire for a funny, super chill dude that’s probably a bit of a commitment-phobe. He’s the embodiment of your desire for a guy with long hair and tight pants. He’s the guy you wanna run away to Spain with and just lock herself in a hotel room and never leave it, just have people bring you food and water to keep your stamina going.

Zac Efron 


Even though you totally know he’s probably a bit of a douche, that doesn’t stop you from day dreaming about licking those abs. I mean for f**ks sake no guy, no matter how in shape or hot he is will never…be…that…hot. I think we’re all falling pregnant just but watching him flip those sausages. Efron is without a doubt the douchey frat guy you wanna hook up with in Uni.

Ryan Reynolds 


*ugh yes please*
There is no way you cannot like the personification of human perfection that is Ryan Reynolds. He’s funny, dorky, silly, sexy, hot, handsome, I mean the list could go on. Even dudes have a thing for him. The guy married Blake Lively, I mean how is he not perfect?
He’s definitely the guy you compare any potential boyfriend to and even an actual boyfriend. Why wouldn’t you?! He’s amazing.

Chris Evans 


Because he’s Chris Evans. And we’ve all been in love with him since Not Another Teen Movie and that shitty version of Fantastic Four. I mean the guy is Captain America so obviously he’s perfect. Plus he does things like this with Chris Pratt (who’ll also ruin you for other men)…..


Please just marry me now Chris Evans….or Pratt or Hemsworth. God bless the Chris’s.


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