absolute obsession.


So I figured I would once again chat about some beauty products I absolutely cannot live without. Previously I (like a zillion years ago) spoke about my favourite skincare products that help me maintain a semi decent complexion. For today I’m going to be touching on a few – well a shit tonne – of products I absolutely am loving at the moment. Some are tried and true products that I have always used and loved, while others are new discoveries that I am currently obsessing over. When I began looking through my makeup which to be honest is probably too big for someone who actually doesn’t work with makeup (it’s a hobby), I had to decide that I’m going to spread this over a few posts. This is only because I need to talk about my favourite brushes, lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras and everything else I use. So for this post I’m going to focus more on complexion. HOWEVER I just had to include the Naked Smokey Palette by Urban Decay, only cus it’s absolutely f**kin amazing.


Pictured here are some of my holy grail products, the things I probably cannot live without now. Some of them I almost wished I never discovered cus makeup in Australia is hella expensive and sometimes not worth it so you MUST research before you purchase. Or really know what you need / want in your life.

The base and finishing products… 


Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.
So Hourglass is fricken out of this world expensive and at times over priced to shit. However I had heard great things about this primer and I was in desperate need of a new primer as mine completely ran out. So I first went to Mecca with the intention of getting their actual brand primer which I had heard was pretty good. Like this primer it’s also a milky white consistency but I let the salesgirl talk me into this after I tried some on my hand, and it felt amazeballs. Like instantly obsessed. I purchased the tiny travel size because I’m not in a position to splurge that much and the jumbo size of this stuff is $100AUD, yeah you read that write it’s a hundo, like what the actual f**k. However I do love this primer a lot, it does make my makeup last and leaves me skin feeling super soft after I remove my makeup. However I will be on the hunt for a cheaper dupe of this.

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray.
This stuff is my holy grail of setting sprays. Like this stuff is hella good I cannot speak highly enough of it. As you can see from the grungy bottle I use this a lot. I have yet to repurchase this because it lasts so goddamn long. Definitely worth the price. This stuff retails for $49AUD which is pricey, however it was slightly cheaper when I purchased this so I’m a little white girl pissed that this has gone up in price. However if you are in need of a good setting spray, and if like me your skin turns as oily as a big mac then this is what you need. This spray was made in conjunction with SKINDINÄVIA, who are the kings of sprays. (Bonus tip they ship to Australia and are cheaper than Urban Decay sprays). 

The complexion miracle workers… 


MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation.
Disclaimer – I have always been a huge fan of pharmacy (drugstore) foundations, I don’t really feel the need to splurge on a foundation.
With that all being said I fricken love this foundation. It is so creamy and smooth, it glides on beautifully and blends wonderfully. My favourite part about this range from MAC is how light it feels on my skin. I have used and own a few Napoleon Perdis foundations and they are really heavy and can turn cakey (also they wear much better for a night out because they run so dark). I was really worried that MAC might end up the same way but this stuff is my go to foundation for a night out. It lasts all night, doesn’t turn oily or shiny and just beautifully matches my skin tone. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t come with a pump, you need to purchase a pump separately…. lame.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.
This stuff is my all time favourite pharmacy foundation. I actually just repurchased this today (even though I didn’t need to) simply because it was on special at Priceline. Although it is slightly more expensive for a pharmacy product, on special it does drop down to about $23AUD which is good for a foundation. This stuff lasts so long and is so similar in texture to the Studio Fix range from MAC. I wear this when I can be bothered using foundation on a day time basis or if I’m going out for a weekend. It lasts really well on my skin and blends beautifully. Cannot speak highly enough of this I absolutely love it and a few of my favourite beauty bloggers swear by this stuff.

L’Oreal Nude Magique CC cream, Anti-Dullness.
I was put onto this by a friend of my mine who used it and I am so happy I discovered it. Honestly I don’t like BB creams, I find they don’t match my skin very well, they can seem too much like a foundation and I just haven’t had great experiences with BB creams. This shit is legit. I prefer the CC cream simply because they are specifically complexion correctors and that is my biggest problem with my skin. Before I continue I should say this stuff is purple. Thats right purple. I know right what the f**k? It is designed to match the pigment of your specific skin type. Like legit science is going on right here. You don’t need to worry about matching your skin tone because this stuff does it for you. I have only needed to replace this recently after almost a year of use, this stuff lasts and I use it almost on the daily.

The mini heroes. 


Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer.
I honestly am so impressed with this concealer. For a pharmacy concealer it does so well at hiding my dark circles. Unfortunately for me I have perma black eye, like all the time. This shit actually hides it. While it’s not totally long-lasting, you do need to set it with powder after applying to maintain the life. With all that said I still love it, it’s definitely a favourite of mine and I would absolutely repurchase. I have barely even scratched the bottom yet and I’ve had this for at least a year, it’s amazingly long lasting.

NARS Creamy Concealer.
This shit is the best. I love this so much and I am such an avid fan of it that I cannot say a bad word about it.. almost. The only negative is the price. While the Rimmel Wake Me Up is only $14.95AUD, this stuff is $40AUD, so it’s a huge price difference. I use this a lot when I’m going out at night or for something important simply because it is so pricey. I wouldn’t use it on the daily because I can’t afford to replace it that often.
I have yet to find a concealer that truly hides my dark circles for a full night out, this stuff does. Honestly I cannot believe how well it masks my darks circles, it’s black magic honestly.

The powder. 


MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder.
I will chuck this in as a quick mention. I love this pressed powder it sets any foundation beautifully and lasts for hours. By the end of a day I still am yet to shine like a sweaty mess. That’s all I’ll say, get this if you shine a lot like me.

The highlighter, the fake glow. 


MAC Mineralize Skinfinish – Soft and Gentle.
I did not understand the hype around this stuff until I tried it, and now I’m f**kin obsessed. Like I’m actually addicted to this shit. If you need a really gentle and natural highlighter for your cheeks then this is for you. I was really hesitant to buy this simply for the price ($47AUD), but I’m glad I had a treat yo-self moment because I love it. This stuff also comes in a white which is lovely but very harsh, I would probably recommend that if you’re into bold statements. I mean honestly I’d probably get that one too eventually.
If you’re shit with highlighting like me then this stuff is perfect. All you need to do is dip your brush in and sweep it across the apple of your cheek lightly and under your eyes.

MAC Cream Colour Base Bronze.
Again this was an impulse purchase one day with a friend. We were both testing them out and both fell in love with this colour. It is really dark and can be quite harsh on your skin if you’re too heavy handed. I use this for contouring my cheeks. All I do is apply with my fingers to the indent beneath my cheek bones and then blend with my bronzer. This paired with my highlighter makes my skin look like fricken J-Lo, like I feel like Jenny from the Block.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer.
Honestly this is the only bronzer I have ever used. It was the first one purchased and I have always loved it. My very first one died when I dropped it and it shattered, I nearly cried. Whenever Rimmel has a three for two deal I always chuck this in because I use it all the time. Paired with my CC cream this is my daily face look.
All three of these products combined give you the power of bronzed beautiful skin. I feel amazing using these altogether.

The almighty eye. 


Even though you can’t see the magnificence of this palette in this goddamn photo, trust me this is amazing. I cannot rave enough about this palette. I don’t actually own the other Naked palettes but if they’re as good as this then I want them. It is so easy to create a smoky eye with this palette, like you cannot f**k up because it is so good. Plus for those people who need a little extra help (like me) it does come with a look book. AND the brush is amazing. ALSO this shit lasts all night, like I am not kidding it lasts and I don’t actually prime my eyes at the moment because I ran out of primer and this stuff still clings my to my lids.


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