makeup haul… the cheap stuff


So I am known for loving my high-end makeup and beauty products but I love a good bargain as much as the next girl. I mean what sane person can walk past Priceline and not go in for a quick geez? My mission for the day was to find a new concealer and pressed powder and maybe a new brow product… but obviously that’s not what happened. I was successful and did get a concealer and pressed powder so that’s a definite tick in my column. However one thing led to another and I ended up leaving with much more than i bargained for…. Priceline – 1; Sam – 0


Face Of Australia – Glamazon Contour and highlight duo, & Blush in Terra.
L’Oreal – True Match pressed powder, & True Match Concealer.
Maybelline – Colour Tattoo 
in Bad to the Bronze.
Chi Chi – Eyeshadow palette 
in Mochas. 

So yeah as you can see I definitely left with more than concealer. AND I accidentally made a quick trip to Target as well. As first impressions go I’m kind of optimistic about these products. The most surprising being the Face Of Australia contour duo, these powders are so highly pigmented I’m so excited to try them out. I mean for $10 I’m not complaining.

The Chi Chi palette was an impulse buy. I’m not really in the market for eyeshadow as I already have three palettes… all from MECCA. I only had a look at these because a few of my friends have used them and say they’re pretty good for the price. The colour selection is really beautiful and they swatched amazingly well in store. For those of you who don’t know, Chi Chi is an Australian brand stocked at Target. They’re pretty cheap and aren’t exactly marketed well, but these eyeshadows seem amazing for the price; $16 for 12 colours on sale! I’m really excited to see how well these wear and look on the eyelid.


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