I love lipstick. Like a whole f**in lot. Nothing brings me more joy than swatching lip colours in a store and then immediately putting it on once home. I mean it’s not unusual for me to fill my entire hand with colours twice over when trying new colours. Every lipstick I’m gonna talk about is a matte finish. I LOVE matte finishes, they seem to make my lips look plumper than they are. Be warned though ladies most matte finishes dry the shit out of your lips. So if you don’t like that feeling or if your lips are super dry anyway then I would probably avoid a matte finish.


NARS: Lip pencil in matte finish – Dragon Girl and Walkyrie
NARS: Pure Matte lipstick – Volga and Tonkin
M.A.C: Viva Glam III
Too Faced: Melted Chocolate Liquid Lipstick Chocolate Honey
Too Faced: Melted Liquid Lipstick Chihuahua

My very first matte lipstick purchase was the NARS lip pencil in Dragon Girl for obvious reasons. This shade is almost famous, much like the Luxembourg shade this beautiful red lipstick just makes you feel more confident. These matte finish pencils apply much like a satin pencil, they glide effortlessly onto the lips. If you need something that’s a little more satin then these pencil are definitely a winning choice. The regular pure matte lipsticks however are exactly that… super matte. I mean these bad boys will actually drain all moisture from your lips. If you have dry lips or are prone to cracked or chapped lips then avoid these. I always prime my lips with a good lip balm about a half hour before I apply it, then I just wipe off the excess goo from the balm. NARS lipsticks aren’t even advertised as long lasting but they last like you wouldn’t believe. Definitely worth the splurge of $44AUD.
I only own one MAC lipstick, which is horrifying! This lipstick is beautiful and very long lasting. It applies beautifully and makes my lips look Kylie Jenner, like seriously this dark red/brown colour makes my lips look plumpier than ever. Likewise so dot he Too Faced liquid lipsticks. These can bleed so definitely use an actual lip primer or lip liner or else you’ll go outside the lines. These will last for hours and feel amazing on the lips. They dry matte but feel like a satin lipstick.

As you can tell I’m not into bright colours. I need my lips as dark as my soul.


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