gettin my rant on.


Disappointing products is something I’ve never really wanted to do but I have recently purchased two products from MECCA that I’m just not impressed with. I’m sure people have used these products and had no problem with them but unfortunately I’ve had so much trouble with one of these products in particular. I have never returned a product at MECCA but I am definitely going tomorrow to return these two products.


So my first ever Clinique purchase of my entire life was the Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector. I had pretty high hopes for this product. I mean the thing is $50AUD so I’d wanna hope this shit works, however it just isn’t working for me. Over the past few weeks I have been using this product religiously and finding no benefit from putting this on my eyes. My circles are still there and my fine lines are still there. The most this seems to be doing is making my skin soft, which my moisturiser does anyway. I don’t know if I’m not giving it enough of a chance but I am definitely disappointed. The only positive about this product is the metal applicator, it soothes my under eye but honestly I could find a cheaper product with that feature or wear a gel eye mask from the fridge.

I just wanna say I fricken love Too Faced products. I find their lipsticks amazing, their palettes beautiful and the blushes fudgin cute as, however I do not love their lip primer. Last week I purchased the Lip Insurance Lip Primer in semi-matte finish. I don’t know if it’s the finish or the product itself but this stuff actually my lipstick feel worse, and I’ve been using this product with actual Too Faced lipsticks. I think I was more upset about this product not working for me than the eye cream. The reviews for it are mixed so that should have been a warning sign however some things can work differently for different people. I wear a lot of lipstick so I was super excited to try out a lip primer that was meant to make your lipstick last and apply easier. BUT this stuff makes my lips feel gross. It applies really patchy and makes my lipstick feel clumpy. All in all I’m so annoyed with this product and it cost $31AUD so it’s going to be a definite return from me.


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