music to live by.


Like every person on the planet I have those songs that changed my life or made me think in a different way. So many people are affected and inspired by music. There are those few pieces of music or songs that seem to reach your soul. They could have been a song you heard in a cafe, on the radio, in a movie or tv show. For some reason or another these precious few moments changed something within in you. I find myself becoming cynical at much too young an age, so many songs that reach me in some way are those songs that bring some hope and optimism to my pessimistic view on life….especially love. I’m such a cynical bitch about love so it is surprising to me and some of my friends that my favourite songs or my most treasured songs are love songs of some kind.

La Vie En Rose – Edith Piaf (plus any English translation versions). 

This song is so beautiful and somehow sad. I first heard this in, believe it or not, X-men First class in the background of some scene and I instantly fell in love. I pretty much have this on repeat if I’m in a pondering or thoughtful mood. This song is so forgotten by the young culture of today and it makes me so sad because this is such a sweet and yearning song. I would definitely dance to this at my wedding…. if I ever have one.

Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven 

Of all the pieces of music I’ve heard this still remains my favourite piece of all. I have no idea why but I just never get sick of this music. I can listen to this on repeat for hours on end and never grow tired of it. Beethoven is probably my favourite composer and Moonlight Sonata just speaks to me on some level. It’s filled with such hurt and pain, yet somehow seems passionate. I just love this piece of music it brings me so much joy listening to it and just never fails at centring my thoughts.

Nocturne No. 2 – Chopin 

I don’t play an instrument and I’m not particularly musical but I love classical music. Chopin creates beautiful pieces and this is possibly my favourite piece. I’m often drawn to solo piano pieces over anything else, they’re so relaxing and melancholy. Nocturne No. 2 is one of those pieces you wish you had someone to dance with to. I just want to come home one day and randomly dance around the living room to this with someone else.

Misty – Ella Fitzgerald 

Jazz is absolutely my jam. There is never an occasion that doesn’t call for jazz. Ella Fitzgerald, with good reason, is my favourite female jazz vocalist. She has the most beautifully soothing voice. Misty is so true about love. I just connect with this song so much it makes me want to smile, to cry or just sing to myself on a rainy day. If you guys can’t tell I’m a pathetic twenty-somehting single girl so jazz definitely applies to my life…. pathetic right?

Dark Paradise – Lana Del Rey 

Lana Del Rey absolutely sings to my soul. I love anything she puts out, I own all her albums and I can listen to them on repeat. I actually really love reading to her music, I don’t know why but her songs are like a perfect soundtrack for some books. This song is beautifully yearning and sad, I just wanna cry when I hear this.

If I were a boy – Beyonce 

To be fair any Beyonce song is life changing but this song is so f**kin accurate about what it’s like to be a girl in a relationship. Men can be the worst and this song should be listened to by not only women but men as well. It’s such a truthful picture of how women can feel in a relationship. Beyonce just gets it, that’s why she’s the damn Queen of the World.


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