perfume love.


Unlike a lot of people I don’t particularly have one signature scent. Although I have one perfume that I have worn for years and will continue to wear for years to come, I do like switching it up depending on occasion or season. I can get bored of a scent so I like to have a few options to switch things up. For a while I only had two fragrances but over the past few months I have begun collecting perfumes on sale. So many pharmacies (drug stores) have amazing sales and specials on fragrances, especially celebrity fragrances. I actually quite like a lot of celebrity fragrances, they aren’t too serious and are usually quite different and fun. However nothing beats a highly rated high-end fragrance, there’s a reason they’re so expensive and it’s because that shit lasts on your skin.
So I thought I’d do a little extension of my beauty collection by talking about my little fragrance collection.


(Top to bottom)
Britney Spears Curious
Chanel, Chance (eau Fraiche)
Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
Katy Perry Killer Queen
Lady Gaga Fame 

So I have wanted Curious by Britney Spears since I was 12, I only recently purchased this from Chemist Warehouse because it was only like $20. It has taken me 12 damn years to finally buy this and I fricken love it as much as I did as a teenager. I had the body wash and body lotion of this line but always wanted the actual perfume. The minute I tested this again in store I was instantly transported back to my teens. This actually lasts a really long time on the skin, which is surprising because it is a celebrity fragrance. It probably lasts so long because it is an “eau de parfum” which means the perfume content is much higher than an “eau de toilette”. Plus this was made in conjunction with Elizabeth Arden, and if you grew up smelling Elizabeth Arden Red Door on your mother then you know her scents are very strong.

Chance by Chanel was my very first high end fragrance. It was a Christmas gift from my parents and I f**kin love this perfume. So I actually have the “eau Fraiche” version of this line. Chanel released four Chance fragrances – eau de parfum, eau Fraiche, eau tendre, and eau vive. The eau Fraiche is the green fragrance and is the lightest of them all. I grew up absolutely idolising Chanel and the entire house of Chanel (like I have a whole bloody book on Chanel), so I have always wanted a Chanel perfume. However I feel that you need to work your way up through the fragrances. I actually get really offended (probably an over-reaction) when young girls wear No. 5. I’m sorry but you need to earn Chanel No. 5. It is such an iconic sophisticated scent that anyone under 35 shouldn’t wear it. You definitely need to be a lady to wear it. However Chance is the absolute perfect fragrance for a young woman. Then maybe work your way up to Coco Mademoiselle and then No. 5, (just my opinion).

Marc Jacobs creates such beautiful fragrances that I believe everyone should own one. They’re so beautiful and fresh that they’re perfect for a young or more mature woman. Daisy Dream is my absolute favourite (aside from Dot, but let’s face it Dot is hella expensive) of his line. Although Daisy is beautiful I find Daisy Dream to be much fresher and summery. I only have a smaller bottle of this and am trying to prolong the life as much as possible. Like the minute this dips below the flowers on the bottle I’ll cry.

So I haven’t actually really worn Killer Queen by Katy Perry yet but I loved the way this smelled when I tested it. This actually sits quite well one my skin and I can’t wait to test how well this wears throughout a day. Unlike the other scents this is sexy somehow, like very deep and seductive. I would probably wear this for a night out.

Oh Lady Gaga… the woman can do no wrong in my books. I f**kin love Gaga and have loved her since the minute she released Just Dance all those years ago. Fame by Lady Gaga is so unique, not only because of the colour and the bottle (which are both damn cool) but because of the scent. This is a combination of honey, tiger orchid, saffron, apricot and other scents such as incense. It is a really sexy scent, I mean Gaga promoted this scent as being a sophisticated hooker, so yeah it’s gonna smell sexy.


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