all women should lift.


So we’re all aware of the idea that women are meant to be soft beings with smooth lines on their body. We’re not supposed to have muscles or be able to lift more than 10kg. We’re not supposed to be stronger than a man because that’s emasculating right? Our role is to need men to take care of us and protect us. We’re meant to be meek and mild, not strong and powerful. Well f**k that. My wish is to see more and more women doing weights. It’s about time women took over the weight section of the gym and showed men that yes we are powerful beings. For just over a year I have been working on my physical, emotional and mental well-being. It has taken that long for me to feel strong. Not just emotionally or mentally, but physically strong. There is nothing more empowering for woman than to feel strong in every sense of the word. Feeling like a strong being is so important, especially for women. I’m not saying that men don’t deserve to feel strong, because of course they do, it’s their right as a human being. However as a woman it has taken me years to feel strong and confident and not really give a f**k what a man may think of me, or if he’s even thinking of me. Nothing is more empowering than seeing positive change in my body. At the gym I don’t stand in front of  a mirror to check out how thin I look, I’m standing there to A) make sure I’m doing the right technique and not about to royally r**k up my body, and B) check out the guns I’m producing. Seriously how fricken cool is it to see your muscles grow and become more defined?


Honestly how is strength not sexy? Seeing my body grow and become stronger is not simply empowering because I’m crushing goals, but because I feel strong. Strength is something women have fought for, for so many decades. As young women in the 21st century it is our responsibility to continue to fight for women’s strength. So to young women everywhere, it is our job to take over the weights. It’s our time to become strong. It’s our time to redefine beauty. Not simply redefine as in what seems to be the traditional sense of the word these days, you know curvy girls over skinny… but to instead redefine beauty as being one of strength. Beauty can mean thin, curvy, big, small, tall, short or yes god forbid strength and muscles on a woman.


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