the high road.


I’ll be the first to admit that I thoroughly enjoy hearing about my ex’s hardships. I’m not ashamed at all because, put simply, he broke my heart continually after we broke up without even saying a word to me. So my friends for the past year have been updating me on his now crazy ex-girlfriend and how much he’s been suffering. At first it just made me smile. I’ll put my hand up and say I was a bitter ex-girlfriend who would’ve slapped him in the face if I ever saw him in public. However deep down (unfortunately) I always aim to be a classy lady, reminiscent of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. So when I finally did see him again I took the high road. Obviously there was the awkward few hours of the gathering where neither of us actually spoke to the other and just avoided eye contact. BUT I was not about to be the one to speak first. I may be a lady but I’m stubborn. To be honest our first few words to each other were random awkward comments. Neither of us knew the rules. There are no rules for taking to an ex, especially if there’s some bad blood in the past. Unfortunately for me his friends are my friends… so I have to play nice…


Our first real conversation in over a year began because my friend drew on his face with lipstick while she was drunk and he couldn’t get it off. So being the classy as f**k lady that I am, I offered to clean his face with some of my makeup wipes and trusty micellar water. Should be noted we were at a house so this was on hand.
So there we were… me wiping his face and him trying not to make awkward eye contact. All ya can do is laugh right? I just couldn’t hold back the giggles. Who’d have thought a year ago we would be alone in a room, me wiping lipstick off his face and us actually smiling at the other. It was honestly like one of those awesome break up moments from a movie or something. We were talking, but actually talking about real things. To be honest it was really nice speaking with him. We were close once and there was a reason we dated once… does that reason just fade away? For us, I actually felt really comfortable being alone with him and just talking. To be fair actually chattin with him made me miss being around him. Not in a romantic way, but in a friendship way.


Can ex’s be friends? It’s like the ultimate question when it comes to a failed romance. Can two people who were once emotionally and physically intimate actually be friends without sex confusing everything? I would say no… just for me I know myself and if I were in a certain situation I would totally have sex with (or try to have sex with) my ex. For some reason there will always be a chemistry there. For some weird reason I still myself attracted to him and let it be said I still randomly fantasise about us having sex. Only because the sex was great, because we were friends.
To be fair we probably will be forced into some form of a friendship because we’ll always be connected in some way. I think that’s comforting. Knowing that he will be there in some way is strangely nice to know.


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