music haul.

Yes I am one of those freaks who still buys actual real life 3 dimensional CDs. Weird right? I actually really love owning proper CDs and books and even DVDs. They seem so much more tactile and real compared to downloading everything. I really miss those days when you’d head out to buy the latest album or even single track from Britney or Beyonce. Having actual CDs makes me feel connected to the music. Plus my car is pretty old and has a CD player and most of the time it’s easier playing a CD than setting up my iPod.


So Frenchy So Chic
100 Classical Masterworks
Ella Fitzgerald – 5 Original Albums

Obviously these aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but nothing relaxes me like these kinds of music. Jazz and classical music are made for reading to, studying to, or just relaxing to. As for the french album, well even though I can’t speak French I love French music. I don’t know why or how but French songs are so much more beautiful than English. Obviously it’s the sexiest language in the world.


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