favourite base.

So I have been asked recently by a few friends what I use as my base, for my face obviously. My favourite base can change as time goes on, like once upon a time my go to base was good old Covergirl or Nude by Nature, but my skin changes and so does my knowledge of how a good foundation sits (well sits on my face anyway). For the record, in summer I have quite oily skin, whereas in winter I find that I move more towards combination dry patches with a usually oily T-zone. I have only included primers, foundations and concealers, so after this post I will put up my favourite powders.
I have a mix of high end and pharmacy (drugstore) favourites so pretty much anyone can afford this list.



Laura Mercier oil free foundation primer. 
I quite like this primer. The main attraction being ‘oil-free’. Nothing makes me jump faster on a product than oil-free. As someone who can become an oil slick by the end of the day, especially in summer, I find this product does a pretty good job of preventing that. Although I always set my T-zone with a powder. This primer has a very tacky feel which means there’s glycerin in it, which if you watch NikkieTurotials you know helps foundation stick to your face. I can wear a face of makeup for up to 12 hours with my job hours, and I have noticed this keeps  it all in place pretty darn well.

Australis Primer, The Original.
Many moons ago I used to own a Face Of Australia primer that I suppose worked pretty well, I can’t remember, however since then I have never used a pharmacy primer. I find that cheap primers are often ‘you get what you pay for’ so I kind of avoided them. Except one day I was testing out the NARS velvet matte skin tint (which was horrible on my skin) and needed something cheap to test out with it, so I opted for this little primer as it helps moisturise your skin. Honestly I actually love this primer. It works well beneath matte finish products and gives my skin a healthy glowing boost beneath my foundation.


MAC Studio Fix Plus in NW18.
This was my first ever MAC purchase and since then I’ve never looked back. Honestly this foundation is my holy grail product that I’ll use for going out or weekends (I’m on a budget for f**ks sake). If I could afford it I’d use this thing all day everyday because nothing has sat on my skin better than this. It has a demi-matte finish which is perfect for me and I find it doesn’t move around or transfer throughout the day. This little bottle is definitely a soul mate and I’ll continue to repurchase for as long as they keep making this. AND it’s like a perfect colour match.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Gel.
Ok so everyone and their mamma has been talking about this little tube and I understand why. This has become my go to everyday product for quick easy makeup. Technically it’s just a tinted moisturiser but has a gel-like formula that helps your skin breathe. I really love this and I wasn’t sure if I would cus of my oily T-zone, but if I set this with a powder I’m shine free. Hydrating products can be hit and miss, some are too hydrating and some are just shiny, but this gel gives your skin a nice dewy finish. The coverage is sheer to medium (if you build it up enough), but I find a light coverage gives me a nice natural looking “my skin but awesome”. I apply this with only fingers.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour foundation.
I don’t know about the 24 hour part but this stuff does last the day and beyond. I freakin love this foundation, I actually find it’s a slight dupe for the MAC studio fix but not exactly the same. This foundation again gives a demi-matte finish to the skin. It has pretty good coverage, ranging from medium to full. I find I only need to do about two layers to get a full coverage and it doesn’t look cakey on the skin. Definitely a repurchase product I love it, plus great for the price!


Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser.
What I did before this concealer I have no idea. Maybelline once again knocked it out of the ball park with this little tube. The formula is so lightweight that it doesn’t crease much at all! Which is amazing for under my eyes cus anything and everything creases. This stuff actually hides my dark circles pretty well and the applicator is super easy to work with. It has a little sponge on the end that is easily used to draw the good old triangle beneath the eyes. I use this pretty much all over cus it works so well. To push it into my skin I just use a brush or sponge and then set with powder as always.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.
This product is either a hit or miss for people, you love it or you hate it… I f**kin love this concealer. This was my first NARS face product and it’s definitely a win. This shit is hardcore and hides the crap out of my dark circles and any blemishes on my face. Likewise with the Maybelline concealer I use this all over. Usually I use my concealers a shade lighter to highlight my nose, forehead, chin and of course under eyes. This stuff needs to be set immediately under the eyes with a good powder or else it creases like crater style.


So I thought I’d give a shoutout to the tools I love using for applying my base.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush.
If only this brush was sold as a single cus I would definitely repurchase! However Real Techniques are cruel and only sell this in a set of brushes, which is a shame cus this brush is amazing. Before this I was using a standard paddle brush which pales in comparison to a buffing style brush (oh how young and ignorant I was). This brush works foundation into the skin so well and produces a really natural looking finish.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.
This sponge is freakin amaze balls. I love the finish this gives, which is basically air brushed. It’s easy to use, just make sure you bounce don’t rub the foundation or else you’re just wasting product. AND use this damp as it works a million times better. This works really well with concealer and gets right under the eyes perfectly. Also little tip, apply loose powder with this damp, the powder melts into the skin beautifully giving you a lovely flawless finish under the eyes.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.
So apparently I love Real Techniques… I use this brush solely for applying or pushing concealer into the skin. I don’t use this on the face as it’s too small. Despite the name this isn’t great for the face (for me anyway). BUT it is great for blending in concealer. The small shape helps with getting under the eyes perfectly and working the concealer into the skin.


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