splurges worth the extra moolah.

Recently I have become enamoured with luxury makeup, or high end brands. I don’t know why but something about these brands is hypnotising. The packaging is gorgeous, the brand itself usually holds some mystifying effect on people, and the ad campaigns make you believe these little goodies are worth the extra cash. So I took it upon myself to try some of these well known ridic expensive brands to see if anything was worth that pricey a tag.



There’s something mystifying about Chanel. The woman, the myth, the brand, it’s all so wonderfully intriguing. I grew up obsessed with Chanel, to me it was the pinnacle brand. A clothing and beauty house founded by a woman for women. Mademoiselle Chanel is one of the strongest women in modern history. She began a brand in the 20’s and 30’s, a time when women had little, if any influence over the world. And yet she conquered and created one of the most prolific brands in the world.

Everyone and their momma has talked and raved about the Soleil tan de Chanel and it took me almost a year to finally try it out for myself. After months of testing it in store, watching and reading reviews I thought I may as well try this bad boy out. Holy shit am I glad I took the plunge and splurged on this product. The price tag may be steep but I have never used a bronzer with such a beautifully natural finish. As this product is a mousey creamy whirl of deliciousness, it melts into the skin instead of sitting on top of your foundation like a powder normally would. I love using this as an everyday contour product that bronzes up the skin in a really subtle way. I’m sure there’s other products out there that do the same thing but what the hell… I’m gonna use this anyway.

There’s something special about a Chanel lipstick. When you carry one in your purse or the second you apply it to your lips you just feel… sexier. I don’t know why but wearing a Chanel lipstick gives me confidence. The two shades I own are; Rouge Coco in 402 Adrienne (a great everyday pinky nude); and Rouge Allure in 104 Passion (a bright perfect red). As lipsticks go there’s nothing uber amazing or special about these, to be honest my Maybelline and MAC lipsticks do the same thing, BUT they’re Chanel and the colours are amazingly beautiful. I will say these do not dry out my lips or sink into my fine lines. The Rouge Coco especially hydrates the lips throughout the day. If you love Chanel then you have to have these.

Laura Mercier 

The Laura Mercier translucent finishing powder is an epically raved about product on YouTube. I have been using this powder for about 6 months and I love it. It is totally worth the splurge, nothing compares to this powder in my collection. This lovely little container of loose white powder helps to set my under eyes like no other. I also love using this to set my concealer and foundation if I need it to stay in place for a whole night. Although I haven’t tried the RCMA no colour powder… and have been told it is very similar and about half the price and twice the size…. Unfortunately some things are harder to get in Australia.

As highlighters go I love natural finish highlights. Although I can appreciate a NikkieTutorials or JeffreeStar style highlight I feel I can’t wear them with confidence. HOWEVER I love a good natural finish product. My first ever highlighter was the MAC mineralise skin finish in Soft and Gentle (a cult original favourite), so I gravitate to highlighters similar to that. KathleenLights has raved about this Laura Mercier highlighter countless times. I have been searching for it for months but it always seemed to be out of stock somewhere. Until one day I finally stumbled upon the Matte Radiance Baked powder in Highlight 01. It was as if the heavens opened up and dropped this beauty in my lap. Although it says ‘matte’, it is by no means matte. This highlight leaves your cheeks with a perfect natural looking sheen. Be warned this does not swatch well in store, but on the cheeks it is stunning. If you’re into natural highlighters without few bells and whistles than this is for you. It’s probably very similar to the Hourglass ambient lighting powders, but cheaper.


I find that people are either MAC lovers or NARS lovers. As it goes I own more MAC products (I mean they’re cheaper), but the few NARS products I do own are wonderful. This little contour duo is the perfect little palette for anyone intimidated by contouring. I found the world of contouring scary, up until now I had only ever used a bronzer to contour or create shape. However this little duo changed the game for me. The contour shade is the perfect cool toned colour for my skin. Honestly this stuff blends so well it’s fool proof, and as contouring goes I’m pretty standard with my ability. The matte highlight shade is great for under the eyes or tidying up your cheek contour.


If you’re anything like me then you’re probably scared of MAC pigments. This little tub of colour is the first pigment I have ever owned and I am so glad I chose this colour. The MAC pigment in Melon is pretty well known and I understand why. I use this solely as a bulk lid colour to add a bit of drama to a standard browny/goldy smoky eye. Wetting the brush first with some Fix + or any setting spray will help make this pigment metallic and stick to your lid all day. Melon is made of gold and rosy pink. Usually I shy away from rose golds and pinks but lately I’ve been intrigued by them. As price tags go for the size it’s pretty big, but the quality is totally worth it… plus I don’t think I’ll finish this for a while.


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