try hard.

It’s no secret to my beautiful friends that I f**king love makeup with a passion unseen since Helen of Troy started a war. I love collecting makeup and spend an obscene amount of money it. So it was no surprise that for my birthday I received an eye shadow palette and a MECCA gift card. Definitely presents from the heart. The minute I received the gift card I sped to MECCA and purchased something I have been lusting for from afar for quite some time, like I mean since it was released earlier this year. Every time I graced the store I would swatch this little palette and yearn for it with all my might. BUT the price was way too steep for my liking. The gift card didn’t cover the whole thing but it did do the lions share of the work.

May I present the Hourglass Illume Sheer Colour Trio Palette…


This delicate little palette is a cream contour palette that retails for a whopping $90….. yes it’s that expensive… Hourglass is a luxury brand and thankfully is cruelty free so that’s a bonus. I have a deep loving and committed relationship with my NARS contour duo but I have always wanted to try and use a cream product, especially with summer upon us Aussies. Having loads of powder of the skin during summer is really uncomfortable and heavy, even for us oily girls. So I marched into MECCA, gift card in hand, and bought this beauty. I waited a full two days before trying this out…. and I was totally let down at first. I had built this up in my head for so long that it was kind of a fizza. I first tried using my fingers to apply the bronzer as a contour and then blend out the cream with a damp sponge. This was horrible, I was left with a dirty bit muddy line down my cheek. Very disappointed at this moment. After all this time and the price of this thing I expected angels to sing on high the minute it graced my cheek. I did however have more luck with the blush and the highlight. The blush is a very peachy pink colour that gives you a lovely flush to the skin, it is harder than bronzer in texture. The highlight is amazing, it’s a mixture of natural and blinding… however I did expect big things from the highlighter as Hourglass is known for their glow factor. With all that being said I was most looking forward to the bronzer and it let me down massively.

Fast forward a month and a million uses more and I finally love this bronzer/contour cream. I tried in vain with the finger/sponge technique before giving up and trying a good old fashioned contour brush. I use the Real Techniques contour brush. Instead of applying the bronzer to my cheek with my finger I decided to just put the brush in the product and then apply and blend from there. This technique is easily the better option for using this bronzer. The minute I applied this with the brush I was blown away, which was the reaction I was hoping for the first time I used this. The contour blends down to a nice ‘natural’ look. I use this as an everyday/dinner contour look. It gives your skin a lovely sun kissed colour. I will say that using your fingers for some reason on me gave the bronzer an orange under tone, but the brush didn’t… go figure?


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